Songkran homicide fugitive captured after 18-year hunt

In the province of Songkhla, police lastly ended a decades-long hunt for a suspect in a Songkran murder case. Police yesterday apprehended a 38 year outdated native of Klong Hoy Khong, Songkhla, who has been on the run for 18 years.
The dramatic occasions unfolded during the celebrations of Songkran in 2005. Chaitawat, alongside with his two allies, found themselves embroiled in an altercation with a neighborhood teen group, which shortly spiralled right into a deadly faceoff. Armed with a gun, the accused gang opened fireplace on their opponents, leading to fatalities. With the collation of essential proof and the important testimonies of witnesses, arrest warrants have been issued for the three suspects. While two of the culprits ended up in police custody, Chaitawat remained at giant and outmanoeuvred legislation enforcement businesses, reported KhaoSod.
Fast forward a couple of years and the investigation unit acquired a tip-off that Chaitawat resided in Chiang Rai province, working as a building worker. Acting on Unheard of , the police force, including a notorious anti-crime squad and marine police, ensued. They apprehended Chaitawat at an unnumbered labour camp in Wiang, Mueang Chiang Rai.
Upon questioning, Chaitawat confessed to his involvement within the capturing incident fuelled by a verbal argument. He expressed his chain of actions, evading arrest, and going undercover as a development worker at varied websites for greater than 18 years. Just two years shy of the expiry of the statute of limitations on his case, he found the regulation catching up with him. After the preliminary processing and charging, the police transferred him to investigative officers at Klong Hoy Khong Police Station to proceed with the following authorized steps..

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