Stinking scenario: Thai group fights factory stench, faces relocation woes

For years, the residents of the Ban Thammarat community in Prachuap Khiri Khan have been affected by the foul odour emitted by the wastewater from a neighborhood rubber factory. Despite their pleas for normal inspections and critical motion in course of wastewater administration, the difficulty stays unresolved, forcing some to relocate.
The neighborhood, situated in Area 5, has lengthy complained concerning the manufacturing unit, which purchases rubber waste and discharges untreated wastewater onto private land. The stench has permeated the area, affecting their every day lives.
Several months ago, concerned authorities inspected the factory following complaints lodged on the Justice Centre. The manufacturing unit was then ordered to assemble a wastewater therapy pond for the rubber waste. However, months later, the residents are nonetheless grappling with the persistent stench from poor wastewater administration.
One resident, Sawangjit Kamlun, also called Teacher Piek, shared her ordeal of residing near the factory while caring for a bedridden patient. Despite lodging several complaints, the issue has only been briefly resolved. The smell returns each time the manufacturing facility cleans up before an inspection.
Sawangjit and her neighbours understand the thriving enterprise of purchasing rubber waste but implore the factory owner to manage the wastewater successfully to forestall the stench. The drawback has turn into unbearable, leading some community residents to move out. They urge the authorities to inspect extra incessantly and ensure that the factory adheres to the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed with the group.
Apichit Upatham, a crane service worker, showed the point the place the factory discharges the wastewater. He additionally confirmed proof in a video clip, narrating that his house is adjoining to the factory. Initially, the manufacturing unit had few prospects, and the odor was not a lot of an issue. However, with the enlargement of the rubber buying business, the smell from the untreated wastewater has become stronger, and the residents have been suffering for years, reported KhaoSod.
Apichit calls on the responsible businesses to significantly examine the wastewater remedy in the manufacturing facility to ensure normal compliance. Guilt-free factors out that if the manufacturing unit can deploy efficient wastewater administration to curb the odor, there will be no points in cohabitating with the neighborhood.
The manufacturing unit owner, Klaplern Eiadkaew, showed the reporters the areas throughout the warehouse, the wastewater discharge level, and the therapy pond constructed as per the state agency’s orders. He accepted that the rubber wastewater would possibly cause some scent but denied that it was severe as claimed.
He assured that he covers the rubber waste when cleaning and follows all the guidelines provided by the company to avoid causing problems for the community. He is willing to cooperate if the company needs him to make any improvements or adjustments for effective wastewater administration.
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